Pluto is a rather interesting planet. It wasn't even known of in the 19th century, for it wasn't discovered until 1930, by Clyde Tombaugh. Charon, its only moon, wasn't discovered until 1978 by James Christy. It is much smaller than Earth, and is the second-smallest planet. It is the only planet in the outer solar system that is not a gas giant. Some believe that Pluto was a former moon of Neptune, and possibly Charon too. It is just a dot to a backyard observer, one that is very very hard to spot at magnitude 14. Though Pluto isn't always the furthest planet. It has an elliptical orbit around the sun, and somestimes intersects the orbit of Neptune, then Neptune is the furthest planet.

Distance from Sun:39.5 AU
Orbital Period:249 Years
Moon Number:1
Length of Day:6.4
Discoverer:Clyde Tombaugh

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