Pleiades Lore

Messier 45, as it is catalogued, has been looked upon by many different people and civilizations. It is probably the most famous open star cluster, and is sometimes mistaken for the little dipper. They are known as seven sisters, accompanied by their parents, Pleione the mother and Alcyone the father. Through small telescopes they seem to look more brilliant than through large telescopes. Now, here are some tales of their creation:

Greek Legend:

The sisters were being persued by Orion, the hunter, and had to ask Zeus to help them. Orion had been chasing them for seven years. Then, after seven years, Zeus finally helped them and turned them into doves. They flew away, and Zeus placed them in the sky, keeping them safe from Orion. But when Orion's lover Artemis (goddess of the moon and hunt) was tricked into killing him, he too was placed in the sky. He was put behind the Pleiades, so every night he could chase them across the sky, like he had done before.

Native American Tale:

The Pleiades are once again seven younsters. In this story, they lose their way when taking a walk through the sky. They never made it home, and had to stay in the sky. They were frightened and stayed close together. Although the seventh sister is rather hard to see because she does not want to stay in the sky, she wants to go back to Earth. She is crying, and her tears dim her.

More Pleiadian Stories Coming Soon

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