Moon Lore - Page Two

Born of a Calabash:
A Hawaiian Creation Myth

The first gods were Ku, Ka-ne, Lono, and Kanaloa, who came from a far-off land. They brought with them a mysterious people who live in the precipices and trees and rocks. These people became the invisble spirits of the air. The earth was a calabash, a large, round gourd. The gods threw the calabash up, and it became the sky. Part of the thick flesh of the calabash became the sun, and part of it became the moon. The seeds formed the stars.

Ol' Moon Matchmaker:
From Chinese Lore

The Old Man in the Moon is Yue-lao, who bears the weighty responsibility of deciding all mortal marriages. Yue-lao ties the future husband and wife together with an invisible silken cord that never breaks as long as life lasts. At the apropriate time, the cord brings the predestined mates together and they wed!

Flight of the Toad:
Myth of the Salish of the Pacific Northwest

A wolf once fell madly in love with a toad. Once night he set out to catch her and woo her, and prayed to the moon for bright light. The moon obliged. The wolf chased the little toad, and just as he was about to catch her, she made one wild and desperate jump up and landed on the moon, where she stayed.

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