Moon Lore - Page One

Not too Bright . . .
A Tezcucan myth of why the Moon isn't bright as the Sun

The Sun and Moon were originally equally bright. But the gods did not think this was very good, so they decided to stop it at once. One god took a hare and threw it at the face of the moon. The hare struck the moon, and made a dark blotch that dimmed the Moon's brightness forever.

Ka-Ne Restores the Moon-
A Maori Myth

Somewhere beyond the horizon, or above the heavens in the clouds, there exists a land called "the land of the water of life of the gods." In this land there is a lake called the living water of Ka-ne, which has the power to restore life. When the moon dies she goes to this lake, to the water which can restore all life, and even restore the Moon to it's path in the sky.

P'an Ku Creates the Universe-
A Taoist Chinese Myth

P'an Ku created the universe out of the primordial chaos. P'an Ku was the offspring of yin and yang, the dual powers of nature. He assisted in his great labors by the unicorn, the phoenix, the tortoise, and the dragon. P'an Ku spent 18,000 years creating the sun, the moon, the stars, the heavens, and the earth. He put all things in the lower world in order, but neglected to set the sun and moon on proper courses through the sky. So, the sun and moon went down into the Han Sea and left the world in darkness. The Terrestrial Emperor sent an officer, Terrestrial Time, to order the Sun and Moon to move through the heavens and create day and night. They refused. The situation required the divine intervention of Buddha. At Buddha's direction, P'an Ku wrote the character for "sun" on his left hand and the character for "moon" on his right. He went to the Han Sea. He raised his right hand and called the Moon, then raised his left hand and called the Sun. He repeated a charm se ven times. The Sun and Moon rose into the sky, and divided day and night.

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